The dress was everything I wanted!

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When I received my dress, it needed a couple alterations  (tighten the dress in the waist and also cut off the length by a couple inches).  After the alterations were done and I received my dress (literally the night before the wedding), I knew that the dress was everything I wanted! Little steaming and everyone loved it! So many compliments! I really believe I could not ever buy a dress like that at a store because it was made specifically for me and turned out so beautiful and so unique. The bustle was amazing and worked so well! No one could tell if my dress had a train or not, it buckled so seamlessly. I kept telling everyone and  I still can't believe that I ordered my dress online and I couldn't be more thankful to you Irina and your production team for putting so much effort into making this process a pure pleasure. You were so amazing to work with. You second guessed my requests and I'm happy I relied on your experience to tell me exactly what needed to be done. I will keep recommending your service to my friends. Wearing this beautiful gown at a fraction of the cost is not something that everyone can say. I'm still receiving compliments on my dress to this day and I could not have been happier on my wedding day! Thank you so much!

Our gorgeous bride Margarita!

You made my biggest dreams come true!

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Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and all of your patience with me. My mother and I both cried over how beautiful the details of my dress is. I cannot believe all this exhausting work was done in 5 months! You went above and beyond to make my biggest dreams come true. I can't wait to have professional pictures from my wedding taken in Janurary of this dress and shared to you so you can post it onto your website. 

Our beautiful bride to be Maya

You've made a loyal customer with me!

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I continue to be impressed by the quality and workmanship of dressed made by Jasmine's Bridal Shop. You've made a loyal customer with me!

Continue the good work! And all the best to the company and team! 

Our returning customer Dru!

An editorial on ordering a custom dress: "I recommend to use "The Shop", also known as Jasmine's Bridal Shop"

"Overall I was really happy with the result and people were literally gushing about how much they loved my dress and how distinct it was"

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Please take a look at our beautiful bride's photos and blog! Find out how to make your order a successful one! This includes: ordering in advance, getting measured by an actual seamstress, mentioning your cup size, being very good with written and visual communication, factoring in the cost of alternations, and many other tips!

We are excited to announce that store policies were changed to address issues in this article. JBS offers free photo service and revamped order completion time!


The dress looks stunning! I wish I could have another wedding just so I can get another dress!

Order # 3974: I.D.S. Morning

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Please see feedback from our beautiful bride Shelby:

Hi Irina,

We finally had our wedding and received our pictures back. The dress looks stunning in it and held up really well considering we went into a waterfall in it! I have had so many compliments and will definitely refer people your way as I hear about upcoming weddings. I wish I could have another wedding just so I can get another dress!

Here's a sample of some of the pictures of our wedding and dress.

I did have a minor alteration done on the front of the dress locally. The mesh neckline was about an inch too high, so I had it cut down slightly so it sat at my collarbone. Other than that, it was perfect!

Thanks again for such great work!


Dress photos from Valerie Tynes

Hey There, 

I have a preliminary picture to share with you guys. I got lots of compliments on my dress and everyone thought it was super expensive :) You all did AMAZING work and it looked gorgeous next to the beach, thank you sooooo much! I have told LOTS of people about you guys! Cheers!