Jasmine's Bridal Shop makes no attempt to act as the original manufacturer of any of the dresses we make.  We simply create dresses inspired by what we can see in the photos.  All dresses are tagged with our own brand name - Jasmine's Bridal Shop.  None of our products are counterfeit products, as we do not pretend to be any other name brand(s).


Replication Accuracy

We can replicate almost any garment at 80-90% overall accuracy, 70-80% of accuracy for details (lace, embroidery, beading, flowers, etc).


Grades of Materials

We offer 2 fabric grades to cater for your quality and budget needs:

Premium Grade Materials: Fabrics are mainly polyester/synthetic, but higher quality than what most other Chinese bridal factories use.  High quality beading made from glass (except faux pearls).  No extra cost for this grade.

Designer Grade Materials: Fabrics and beading materials are the highest quality we have available to offer.  Fabrics are partially silk, and beading are made from glass (except faux pearls).  The crystals are of generic brand, but equivalent in quality when compared with Swarovski crystals. 30% extra cost for this grade.

Grades of Craftsmanship

We offer 2 craftsmanship grades to cater for your quality and budget needs:

Premium Grade Craftsmanship: Seamstresses with 1-3 years of experience are assigned to your order.  Attention to detail is above average for this grade. There will be extra cost to be paid when you request revisions outside of the original order scope - also when you are not satisfied with our work and request rework on portions of the dress.

Designer Grade Craftsmanship: Seamstresses with 5+ years of experience are assigned to your order.  Attention to detail is high for this grade.  Also all out of scope revisions are free as long as the total cost for out of scope revisions does not exceed the cost of this upgrade. 30% extra cost for this grade and it is currently mandatory.  If you want this upgrade removed from your order, please talk to your consultant about your expectations on replication accuracy first, then we may or may not remove this upgrade.


Material Samples

Please talk to a consultant about ordering fabric samples and beading samples.  If you have ordered fabric samples and you want us to use a particular fabric, you MUST write in the order form that you want us to use a certain fabric that YOU HAVE RECEIVED ALREADY.  Otherwise, the fabric type is not guaranteed as our production team experiments with various fabrics during production and choose the most suitable fabric for the highest possible replication accuracy.



We offer many discounts and they are all stack-able.

3% discount if paying via transfer from Bank of America, or deposit at a BoA branch

5% discount if ordering 5-9 items of the same style, for those items only (10% if 10+ items of the same style)


Order Requirements


Please provide your final order decisions after you pay:

We do not keep a log for the consultation details as it would increase the cost of customer service tremendously.  This means only requirements presented to us at the time of placing the order or after placing the order (sending us the order form and paying) will BE RECORDED into the corresponding work order.  Any requirements given to us BEFORE placing the order will NOT be in the work order. 

We accept explicit instructions only:

We only accept direct and explicit instructions, because implied instructions are not crystal clear, and subject to different interpretations. 

Quotation Standard:

All quotations we provide are for a standard size dress with hidden zipper closure, measurements are not reviewed during quotation phase and closure surcharges are added after order form is submitted or during order processing stage (current stage).  This is to streamline our quotation services, and speed up the process, as well as because customers may change their measurements after placing the order.


Payment and Start of Production:

You can choose to pay the entire order in full, or pay 50% of the order first if the order is over $500 USD.  Either action will start the production of your order.

We will start making your garments once you have sent us confirmation on your measurements.  If you wish to change the order specifications after the production starts, then there may be a fee. 

The entire order (including any revision fees) needs to be paid in full for the order to be shipped.


Accepted Payment Methods

Bank Transfers (please email us for account details)

Credit Cards (only available for our online store but you can ask your consultant to create a custom order item in our online store for you to purchase with credit card), must pay in full upfront and payments are non-refundable except for partial reimbursements in accordance with "Order Issues and Returns" section.


Photo Service

We provide progress and final photos of the garments we make - whenever we feel a confirmation from the customer is suitable/needed.  And then the customer can either approve or request revisions on the current progress.



If you request a revision service that does not go beyond the scope of the original order, then the revision will be free.

If you request a revision service that goes beyond the scope of the original order, then you will be asked if you are willing to pay a corresponding revision fee. If you agree, then you will be charged for the revision fee.

Please note that all revision requests require clear and specific illustrations, and sometimes drawings are required.  Revisions cannot be executed without illustrations/drawings as well as specific requirements.

Also please note that we are not able to make lace arrangement and beading application very symmetrical, because they are done by hand without computerized design (very expensive).  If you look at original dresses, most of them do not have very symmetrical lace and beading either, except for super expensive ones.  Thanks for your understanding!


Quality Inspection & Final Detailing (QI & FD)

Quality Inspection & Final Detailing work is started when entire order is approved to be shipped AND all payments are RECEIVED.  In Quality Inspection, we check all requirements and measurements of the garments against the order. In Final Detailing, we go through every inch of the garments to clean and refine all the details - it is quite time consuming but makes the garments much more polished.  This is included in the Order Arrival Time.


Order Arrival Time (New)

Please see the table above for the time between you place the order (payment made + all order requirements given), and receiving the order from us.

Please see the table above for the time between you place the order (payment made + all order requirements given), and receiving the order from us.

Please note that Order Arrival Time is an approximation, not an guarantee as there are portions of this time which are out of our control (delay caused by customers, customs clearance, flight delays, or natural disasters).

Delay caused by customers include time spent on gathering/confirming order requirements and waiting for customer to complete payments.

4 Major Public holidays in China are also excluded from the Order Arrival Time:

- New Years (December 31 to January 2 of every year)

- Chinese New Year (3 weeks in the first 2 months of every year)

- Labor Day (1st week of May)

- Independence Day (1st week of October)

Revisions can take a long time to complete, depending on the complexity of the garments and the level of your standards.  Also garments might not turn out to what you expect when you receive them.  Therefore, we highly recommend that you order 6 months in advance to have buffer time for a backup dress, just to be safe.


Rush Fees

Reduction of Order Arrival Time costs $15 per week (rush fee).

Every additional round of photos and every additional round of in-scope revisions will increase Order Arrival Time by 1 week. 

Every out-of-scope revision will most likely cost extra and add delay to the Order Arrival Time.  We will provide the quotation for such requests.

Rush fee can be used to off set such delays mentioned above.

The minimum Order Arrival Time can be rushed to is 4 weeks, and no photos nor any revisions can be provided for such urgent orders.

For orders rushed to have Order Arrival Time of 5 weeks, there can be only 1 round of photos and 1 round of revisions.



Shipping cost is $15 per shipment for orders under $30, or FREE for orders over $30.

Zone Surcharges: for countries outside of North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania, there is a zone surcharge per shipment.  The cost is $25 for orders under $30, or $50 for orders over $30.

There is no need for the customer to select Economy or Express shiping.  We will pick the shipping method depending on each order's situation when they are approved to be shipped, in order to stay within the Order Arrival Time. 

Shipment origin: we ship all orders from China, where our workshop is located.

We highly recommend that you purchase the shipping insurance (2% of entire order total including shipping cost) to cover against possible losses.  In the event of shipment being lost or damaged, you will be fully refunded for the entire order cost you have paid (excluding insurance cost).  If time and resource permits, we will also offer free rush service if you choose to re-order the dress instead of getting a full refund.

If you opt to have us hold onto the dress after it is finished instead of having it shipped to you, we can store it for free for 3 months, after which $10 per month of storage fee will be charged.


Customs Declaration

We will always declare packages as "Dress Sample" or "Dress Taster" - valued at about $100 USD per shipment depending on the current situation in each country's customs clearance and import duties.  We do this to help our customers to avoid paying excessive import tax, and we will NOT be responsible if any penalty is incurred for this action.  If you wish for us to declare the true value of the shipment (order total including shipping) or any other value, you must instruct us to do so as early as possible. 


Order Cancellation

You can cancel the order before production starts and receive full refund (minus any transaction fees).  However, after production starts, cancelling the order would only return you 50% funds of the order total.


Order Issues and Returns

Dresses might not fit you perfectly the first time you try them on, so please ensure that you have realistic expectations for buying dresses without trying them on first.  If the garment(s) you have received has issues, you must contact us about the issues within 3 days after receiving the order.  We may provide reimbursement (minus any transaction fees) for revising/fixing those issues at our workshop's hourly rate ($10 per hour). 

You may also choose to ship the garment back to us for revision/fixing, but please bear in mind that you will have to cover all related costs (round trip shipping, import taxes, revision or alteration fees, etc...).  If there are issues for which we are at fault for, then we will not charge for corresponding alteration and we will waive the shipping fee for sending the garment back to you - you would still have to cover all other related costs (shipping the items to us, import taxes, other revision or alteration fees, etc...).


Address of Our Workshop: 

Jin Chang Qu

Bo Qian Lu #198, 1 Dong #103

Suzhou, Jiang Su

P.R. of China

Postal Code: 215008